Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Review::superstay 24 hour lip colour by maybeline :)

This is a review of the maybeline superstay 24 hour lip colour, and honestly, it really does last for 24 hours!
I bought this in the colour 510 'red passion' and i love it! its a really vibrant red this will suit anyone. I purshased this at superdrug for £6.99 and i think it is well worth the price. This product lasts all day for me, it's not drying to the lips at all
  (as long as you re-apply the conditioning lip balm throughout the day)

 The first step is to use the colour side, it has a sponge applicater that works really well! you only have to put one coat of the colour on and let it dry (the colour pay off is amazing) It is important to let it dry before applying the conditioning balm. You can feel it drying on your lips. It starts to feel really dry and a tiny bit uncomfortable, this is what the conditioning balm is for.      

The conditioning balm is just a clear balm that adds amazing shine to your lips and it instantly takes away the dry feeling of the colour on your lips. !! but dont panic !! When i first went to apply the balm to my lips i was worried that it would transfer all the colour onto the condition balm, but it didnt! Its really amazing. The balm not only looks good but makes the colour last a lot longer. But you do have to re-apply the balm throughout the day to help the colour last!! but hey! thats a small price to pay for great looking lips for a whole 24 hours!!

This is what the colour looks like with one coat. And really, this is all you need. it is very drying to the lips on it own, so you apply the lip balm!
And this is what it looks like with the conditioning lip balm on. as you can see, it really brings out the colour more and adds a beautiful shine. it is important to apply this throughout the day to keep the colour looking fresh. it also stops the colour from flaking off throughout the day (this can be a pain)

I would give the product a 9/10 
the reason for it not being a 10/10 is because you have to apply the balm throughout the day to prevent fading and colour flaking! 
apart from that its a really great product and i really enjoy it

(i bought this product with my own money and  all opinions are my own)  

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